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A Guide to the Lake District - Warton

A little about Warton

The village of Warton and Warton Crag are situated near the market town of Carnforth in Lancashire, Warton Crag is a prominent limestone hill lying on the southern side of the the villages of Arnside / Silverdale, both areas of outstanding Natural Beauty. The Village of Warton is a quaint little village located primarily on the side of Warton crag, it has a handful of shops and pubs, it is most famous for being the birthplace of George Washington, the pub opposite his birthplace has been changed aptly reflecting its famous resident ' The George Washington'.

Warton Crag - Warton Lancashire

Warton Crag is a small but beautiful also nationally significant area of limestone hills, crags and limestone pavement, which can also be found in Silverdale Eaves wood. On and around Warton Crag you will see lush deciduous woodlands, sheltered valleys and rolling pastures, plus many drystone walls.

The car park at Warton Crag Quarry has a delightful picnic area treating its picniccers to great views across Morecambe Bay.

Warton Crag nature reserve is home to many butterflies as well as some rare plant species nationally recognised as uncommon not forgetting one of the best displays of lichens on rocks in Lancashire. The limestone ledges on the south face exhibit plants adapted to free draining, shallow soils. Warton Crag has 3 vetches, horseshoe vetch, kidney vetch and bird's foot trefoil, all producing a display of yellow in the months of May and June, in Summer this the yellow flowers of the rock rose and purple thyme can be seen. Warton Crag is home to many hawthorn trees, blackthorn, hazel trees, privet and juniper. Most noticable autumn when they are in fruit.

Warton Crag is home to an array of birds including Warblers, Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps also the odd Whitethroat, it seems all Yellow hammers and Linnets have practically vanished.

Warton Crag Car Parking
You will find 2 car parks on Warton Crag. The Warton Parish Council owns one car park in a disued quarry approximately 100 metres along Crag Road from the junction of Warton Main Street at the 'The George Washington Inn'. The car park situated in the Main Quarry of Warton Crag is located about 600 metres to the west of Crag Road. Please note that this car park has a height barrier fitted.
Warton Public Transport

There are a few buses that can be caught from Silverdale, Carnforth, Morecambe, Lancaster, Garstang and Preston. Alight at the bus stop near the The George Washington. Railway Stations.

Things to do in Warton

Warton Stock Car Club - There is Warton Stock Car Club to visit on certain sundays, here you will find all types of stock car and banger racing.

Warton Crag - Walk around and discover the beauty of Warton Crag and its amazing scenery, also why not have a look at the variety of birds in the nature reserve, the perfect place to go bird watching. Great place for mountain biking, many warton crag mountain biking trails.

Warton Crag Paint balling and Quad centre - Just on the outskirts of Silverdale there is Paint balling and Quad riding.

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