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The Northern Munkies -
Crazy mountain bikers from the North West

Take a look below at the Northern Munkies profiles and mountain bikes

Duncan - Formerly from the sides of Manchester, now resides in North Lancashire, has a number of bikes but chosen ride is the classic GT Aggressor, the P7 met its demise after many brutal rides in the Lake District, Duncan was using cycling routes in the Lake District way before the majority of us, the guy is crazy, a thirst for fast downhills the rougher the terrain the better. Likes getting air when mountaing biking, the higher the better, mind you he has mashed up a few times, famously flying 30 ft over his handlebars while on a downhill near Shap Kendal.

- Resides in the North of Lancashire his mountain bike is a law to its self originally a hardtail , but since last venture it has self converted to a rigid, and now has changed into a Cannondale Jekyll. Shane amazes himself regularly, usually with a crazy manouvre followed by many a flukey escape, Another mounatin biker who hammers his bike down the roughest terrain possible.

- Resides in the Dale chosen bike Santa Cruz Chameleon kitted to the nine but only with 9 gears really annoying going up hills. Thrives off Lake District mountain biking, has built up more stamina since getting the SantaCruz Chameleon sometimes known as the Hare out of the Hare and the turtle. Seeks mountainous tracks more windy trails than downhills, is very at home on the Grizedale North Face Trail.

Balderz -
Resides in Buxton, the Peak District originally from Lancaster has been biking since the age of 4, failed his cycling proficiency for turning up on a bike with no reflectors. However Dad sorted that, and he gained the festidious award. Balderz learnt on a Mongoose BMX then his cycling ability evolved from freestyle into road racing now wants the challenge of Cross country and downhill mountain biking. Rides a Carrera Kraken.

Rob Downhill Extraordinaire SDA Entrant - Resides in The North of Lancashire, but originally a Dale boy, formerly rode a GT Aggressor - Has just purchased a Kona Coiler Dee Lux, which he since sold and bought a Giant Cross Country & a Kona Stab Deluxe which has already had an uprated crank fitted and Juicy 5 Hydraulic Brakes all round, bangin son, thrives off downhills and big airtime especially since getting the Kona, can ride with the best, as all of us still learning.


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