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Garburn Pass

The Garburn pass is a great place to explore whether on mountain bike or foot - The area Garburn is named after the pass connecting Kentmere to Troutbeck it has many valleys and scenic views ideal for mountain biking and hiking and is ideally situated deep within the Lake District. The Garburn Pass is a high route on top of Lake District fells it reaches altitudes of 445 metres (approximately 1500 feet). This route is open to Mountain Bikes, Motorcycles, 4x4 Vehicles and Horse-drawn Carriages.

So beware when riding the Garburn Pass, always watch out for vehicles, high on the fells.

Permits are needed for motor vehicles to access the Garburn Pass, these need renewing monthly.

Mountain Bike Route - Garburn Pass from Windermere

This trails crisscrosse's the Lake District fells. The Garburn Pass Kentmere and Troutbeck is a great sort of route;a rigourous an extreme mountain bike ride through some of the most picturesque parts of the Lake district. There is many steep climbs, the main one being to the top of Garburn Pass from Kentmere get ready to push your mountain bike up mind you there is a really cool downhill cruise high above Troutbeck. The remainder of the route is great with a small section of road and a chilled bridleway. The route has its variety of terrains including fells, steep sided valley, forests and rocky tracks.

Full Garburn Pass from Windermere route

garburn pass mountain bike route Take the right turn from Windermere railway station and take the right cycling slip road off the junction (WARNING! heavy traffic flow) Go eastbound for approx 800m and take the next left. Follow the next minor road, turning left and head north, the road climbing as you go past the High Common towards the crossroads. Take the next right and continue round the bend and continue east for approx 600m. The entrance to High Home Farm is by the bridleway on the left.

Proceed up farm drive, go through the farm pick up the bridleway heading North. Proceed down the bridleway which climbs up a lane then meanders East towards a junction. Take a sharp Left and then head North for 1.6km to a field which is crosses to a ford. After the ford the bridleway proceeds down a steep fell side above some trees. A steep descent leads towards Kentmere Hall Farm go through the driveway head East to the road followed by the church in Kentmere.

To reach the Garburn Pass, start in Kentmere, near the church by the small group of houses - approx 400m down the road - heading North. Continue up, going past Badger Rock -

(big clue - it's the LARGE boulder in the field on the right!) after this, head West for approx 1.6km.As the track gets steeper, follow it as it goes over the rocks and boulders towards the Garburn Pass pinnacle.

Continue over the top and follow the track South West. The mountain bike route becomes more rigerous and becomes steeper with ruts, great fun. You will pass under an old quarry and take the Left Fork. There is a short climb, continue onward passing Dubbs Reservoir to a road. Turn Left, follow the road 200m to the junction. Turn Right and head South to a cross-road. Head over the crossroad and follow the route back to the A591 to Windermere Railway Station.

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