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The Munkies Mountain Bikes

Welcome to Nothern Munkies Bikes - Here you will find mountain bike specs of the mountain bikes we ride from Kona full suspension mountain bikes to Santa Cruz hard tails, also watch out for the latest bikes coming out recommended by the Northern Munkies. There is also information on different styles of mountain bikes, and lots more mountain bike information, new pictures of mountain bikes and mountain bike components.

Check out the mountain bikes owned by the Northern Munkies -

Ben - Santa Cruz Chameleon

Hope Hydraulic front brake
Rear Shimano XT V brake
Santa Cruz Chameleon frame
Rockshox 6in travel front shock
Mavic rims
2.3 Continental tyres
24 7 stem, Chris King headset
Shimano XT Mear Mech & shifter - No front mech down hill setup

Santa Cruz Chameleon Mountain bike
The Santa Cruz Chameleon is an amazing mountain bike, known as the Chameleon due to its ability to be able to change to benefit its surroundings, the Chameleon a bike for all types of mtb downhill, slalomand & cross country.

Duncan - Kona Coiler Dee Lux

Kona Coiler Dee Lux Mountain bike

Rob - Kona Stab Deluxe

Upgraded Juicy five brakes, levers, pads and discs
upgraded bottombracket with e thirteen chaindevice as standard Bomber 2VF 888 front forks 10" travel
Fox 3.0 coil shock on the rear
Orange Sunn rims
Hussefelt stem & bars and unfortunately only 9 gears.

need to see more ? Robs Bike Pics & Specs

Kona Stab deluxe
Robs rig is running on 2.7 maxxis downhill specific tyres fox 3.0 rear shock next to the pictures and he upgraded to the e thirteen chain device and the juicy five hydralic brakes

Shane - Cannondale Jekyll

XT Front and rear Mech
Lefty Jake front shock 5 in travel
Fox adjustable rear shock, thumb rear adjuster lockout 5" travel
Mavic 139 rims
Gazzaloddi Nokian tyres 2.3
Hayes 9 front & rear hydraulic brakes

Cannondale Jekyll
The Cannondale Jekyll a completely different mountain biking experience really at home on the North face trail, perfectly balanced which Shane thought would not be possible due to its lefty shock. A superb ride all round, greatest asset being able to adjust the rear shock while downhilling with the flick of a thumb shifter, maximising downhill mountain biking also being able to lockout the rear shock to maximise cycling uphill.

Well thats all the Northern Munkies bike's, theres quite a bit of money between these Mountain bikes, as like cars they have been modified, the specs are slowly being added to each mountain bike.

New mountain bike or just another mountain bike?

Contact Northern Munkies we 'll help and advise you. To be going on with here is a few places recommended by us:

Why not visit their websites?

Santa Cruz, Kona, Orange, Marin, Scott USA, Schwinn, Giant, Trek, Cannondale, Townsend, Claude butler, Carrera, Dawes, Turner, Raleigh, GT, Hyundai, Audi, Specialized, Muddy fox.

Wheelbase - Staveley
The Edge - Lancaster
Evans Cycles - Kendal
Dyno Start - Carnforth


Mountain bikes types

Below is a description of different types of mountain bikes.

Full Suspension mountain bikes

Mainly for downhill biking on rough terrains and cross country, arguably the best some riders prefer to feel more of the bikes reactions

Hardtail mountain bikes

Agile bikes for use in most mountain biking, mainly used in dowhill moutain biking, slalom and big air jumps also bikes such as chameleon are adaptable to cross country.

Rigid mountain bikes

Generally were mainly used before the introduction of full sus and hardtails, other mountain bike riders prefer full control and the full response of the bike.

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